ANZMAP Multiple Myeloma highlights from ASH 2017

This publication provides summaries of key clinically relevant multiple myeloma data presented at the 59th
ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, 9–12 December 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The Chair (Associate
Professor Peter Mollee) and clinicians involved in the Australian and New Zealand Myeloma Ambassador
Program (ANZMAP) selected the presentations and when germane provided a brief commentary.
The members of the ANZMAP ASH 2017 team were: Dr Emad Abro, Dr Alejandro Arbeláez, Dr Henry
Chan, Dr Pasquale Fedele, Dr Anupkumar George, Dr Naadir Gutta, Dr Amit Khot, Associate Professor
Muhajir Mohamed, Dr Nalini Pati, Dr Dejan Radeski and Dr Ruth Spearing. ANZMAP is a non-promotional
educational program established to support the development of multiple myeloma educational
presentations based on data delivered at key international conferences.

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