Meet our panel of medical specialists

Research Review Australia works with over 70 local medical specialists to select and advise on the most important research from around the world. They advise on what really matters, what impact it has on local healthcare and what we need to do in our daily practice to accomodate new skills and knowledge. Select a category below to see more about each of our expert advisors.

Associate Professor Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee is Associate Professor of Stroke and Neurology, Flinders University and Director of Flinders Comprehensive Stroke Centre... read more »

Dr Cecilia Cappelen-Smith

Dr Cecilia Cappelen-Smith, Senior Staff Specialist Neurologist at Liverpool Hospital where she has been working in a busy Stroke Unit with a diversely multicultural population for 15 years. She has a PhD in clinical neurophysiology. She mentors advanced trainees with various aspects of their training including neurophysiology teaching and management of stroke... read more »

Dr Robert Henderson

Dr Robert Henderson

Dr Robert Henderson is a staff neurologist at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital where he has been working as a stroke neurologist in a busy Stroke Unit for 13 years, alongside a specific research interest in Motor Neurone Disease. His stroke interest arose from a fellowship with Dr Henry Barnett in Canada, evolved with a neurocritical care focus at the Mayo Clinic with Dr Eelco Widjicks, and has continued with stroke clinical trials, and an interest in the autonomic involvement after stroke... read more »