NZ Haematology Research Review Issue 39

In this issue:
  -  Gene therapy for haemophilia B using CB 2679d-GT
  -  Real-world TRA use in older patients with primary ITP
  -  Reduced calf muscle pump function increases VTE risk
  -  FXII: pathogenic role in organ failure and death with S. aureus
  -  PE risk after removing upperextremity CVC for DVT
  -  Thrombosis in paediatric patients with COVID-19/MIS
  -  DOACs for treating/preventing VTE in obese patients
  -  Postoperative LMWH bridging when arterial thromboembolism risk is high
  -  FVIII activity and bleeding risk during prophylaxis for severe haemophilia A
  -  Abelacimab for VTE prevention

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