NZ Haematology Research Review Issue 40

In this issue:

  -  Antithrombotics for outpatients with stable symptomatic COVID-19
  -  Few symptomatic thrombotic events in hospitalised adults with COVID-19
  -  Mycophenolate mofetil for first-line treatment of ITP
  -  ICH after head injury among older patients on anticoagulants
  -  Management of single subsegmental PE
  -  Management strategies and clinical outcomes of IVC thrombosis
  -  Predictors of fibrotic progression in essential thrombocythaemia
  -  VTE recurrence among extended oral anticoagulant recipients for a first unprovoked VTE
  -  Tretinoin + high-dose dexamethasone, first-line, for newly diagnosed ITP
  -  2 weeks of LMWH for isolated distal DVT

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