IMW 2019 Conference Review

In this review:

AMG 176 (MCL-1 inhibitor) for relapsed/refractory MM
Timing when MM begins
Quadruplet KCRD induction for newly diagnosed MM
AMG 420 (BITE)-induced MRD-negative CRs in relapsed/ refractory MM
NKG2D and BCMA-CAR NK-92 for adoptive cellular MM therapy
Selinexor/lenalidomide/ dexamethasone in relapsed/ refractory MM
RVD ±daratumumab in transplant-eligible newly diagnosed MM
MRD negativity after tandem autologous-allogeneic SCT then bortezomib maintenance in high-risk/young MM
VD ±pomalidomide after one prior therapy line in bortezomibpretreated MM
Once- vs. twice-weekly carfilzomib for MM according to frailty

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