Dental & Oral Health Research Review, Issue 3

In this issue:

An audit and feedback intervention for reducing antibiotic prescribing
Antimicrobial activity of root canal sealers and different irrigants
Regenerative periodontal therapy in preventing periodontal defects after the extraction of third molars
Piezosurgery vs conventional rotary instruments for removal of impacted mandibular third molars
PICF biomarkers as discriminants of peri-implant health and disease
Factors influencing early dental implant failures
Clinical and microbiological outcomes following adjunctive EMD to surgical treatment of peri-implantitis
Non-surgical periodontal treatment with AMX + MTZ in severe chronic periodontitis patients
Intra-pocket anaesthesia and pain during probing and SRP
Synergistic effect of maternal obesity and periodontitis on preterm birth in women with PE

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