ASCIA 2017 Conference Review - reviewed by A/Prof Janet Rimmer

In this review:

Single dose challenges, thresholds & patient safety
SchoolNuts Study: anaphylaxis in adolescents
Early life nutrition, the microbiome & food allergy
Food allergy phenotypes
Anaphylaxis: from epidemiology to quality of life
Impact of food allergies on family and social interactions
When to do a food challenge?
Immunotherapy in food allergy
Microbiome dysbiosis & synbiotics for CMA infants
Immunodeficiency screening from the newborn to the adult
Mastocytosis and mast cell activation syndrome
Chronic urticaria update
Anaphylaxis and perioperative mortality in Australasia
A Danish perioperative allergy service
Dupilumab in the management of asthma & atopic dermatitis

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