ACC 2019 Conference Review, reviewed by Professor John French

In this review:

Impact of FFRCT on 1-year outcomes in suspected CAD
Femoral vs. radial access for primary PCI in STEMI
TAVR vs. SAVR in low-risk patients
Icosapent ethyl reduces ischaemic events
Alcohol abstinence in moderate drinkers with AF
Ticagrelor alone beyond 1 month vs. conventional therapy after stent implantation
Coronary angiography after cardiac arrest
Apixaban vs. VKA, and aspirin vs. placebo, in AF and ACS and/or PCI
Blinded physiological assessment of residual ischaemia after angiographically successful PCI
Ticagrelor vs. clopidogrel after fibrinolytic therapy in STEMI

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