Heart Failure Research Review, Issue 53

In this issue:

Optimal implementation of SGLT2 inhibitors in HF
Cerebral cortical microinfarcts as a marker of vascular brain injury in HF
Reduced transferrin saturation in older adults with HF and incident anaemia
AF in chronic HFREF
Treatment differences in chronic HFREF according to BP
Mortality risks associated with sibling HF
Long-term metformin and HFPEF progression in type 2 diabetes + hypertension
Percutaneous atriotomy for levoatrial-tocoronary sinus shunting in symptomatic HF
Liraglutide and worsening renal function in HFREF
Infection-related hospitalisation in HFREF
Empagliflozin in acute decompensated HF

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