ADA 2020 Conference Review, reviewed by Associate Professor Neale Cohen

In this review:

VERTIS-CV shows a benefit to ertugliflozin for heart failure but is not superior for other CV outcomes
The next generation MiniMedTM advanced hybrid closed-loop system
Phase 2 results show a similar efficacy for once-weekly icodec as once-daily insulin glargine
52-week results from AWARD-11 show clinical benefits with 3 mg and 4.5 mg weekly doses of dulaglutide
Significant clinical benefits observed with the Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring system
Glycaemic characteristics and outcomes of patients with COVID-19
SGLT2 inhibitors improve treatment persistence and reduce costs compared to GLP-1 agonists
Post-hoc analysis of REWIND confirms a renal function advantage to dulaglutide in T2D
BEST shows clinically meaningful glycaemic control and weight loss with bexagliflozin in T2D
Ipragliflozin shows promise for T2D with NAFLD

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