IBD Research Review, Issue 52

In this issue:

Discontinuing infliximab in UC in remission
Short- and long-term effectiveness of ustekinumab vs. vedolizumab in anti-TNF-refractory CD
Early antidrug antibody detection after anti-TNF initiation predicts discontinuation in IBD
Determinants of IBD-related disability
Postinduction infliximab concentrations: associations with fistulising CD outcomes
Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody responses attenuated in infliximab-treated IBD
Clinical decision support tool for predicting UC endoscopic healing with infliximab
COVID-19 clinical outcomes in IBD patients
Biomarker-based model for predicting need for early biologics in CD
Tofacitinib for UC and malignancy risk

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