ASH 2019 Conference Review, reviewed by Prof Jeff Szer

In this review:

Sustained benefit of venetoclaxrituximab in relapsed/refractory CL
Post-reinduction blinatumomab vs. chemotherapy in high-/intermediaterisk B-ALL
CC-486 (oral formulation of azacitidine) for AML in first remission
Haploidentical donors and high-dose post-transplant cyclophosphamide for severe aplastic anaemia
Mosunetuzumab in poor prognosis NHL
Cyclophosphamide vs. antithymocyte globulin after allogeneic SCT in AML
Post-transplantation cyclophosphamide after allogeneic SCT
Inhibiting complement C1s with sutimlimab in cold agglutinin disease
BCL11A as therapeutic target in sickle-cell disease
Rare complement regulatory gene mutations make antiphospholipid syndrome catastrophic

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