Haematology Research Review, Issue 84

In this issue:

Iron chelation in transfusion-dependent low- to intermediate-1-risk MDS
IL-1β inhibition: impact on incident anaemia
Impact of conditioning intensity for allogeneic SCT in AML with residual disease
Predicting impaired cognition after blood/marrow transplant in haematological malignancy
PBSC transplant + anti-thymocyte globulin vs. bone marrow transplantation
Salvage tocilizumab in severe chronic GVHD after allogeneic SCT
Brentuximab chemotherapy for methotrexate-associated classical Hodgkin lymphoma
Genetic polymorphisms and vincristineinduced peripheral neuropathy after R-CHOP
Complement blockade for transplantassociated thrombotic microangiopathy
Generic arsenic trioxide for acute promyelocytic leukaemia: resource utilisation and costs

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