Haematology Research Review, Issue 95

In this issue:

Pegcetacoplan vs. eculizumab in PNH
Dexamethasone ±oseltamivir in treatment-na├»ve primary ITP
Tacrolimus ±eltrombopag as part of immunosuppressive treatment of aplastic anaemia
Venetoclax + hypomethylating agent in myeloid malignancies relapsing after allogeneic SCT
Rituximab for B-cell post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease
Low-dose decitabine for refractory prolonged isolated thrombocytopenia after SCT
Impact of comorbidities and malignancies on survival in MDS
Impact of 5-azacitidine delays/dose reductions in MDS
Rituximab + hyper-CVAD alternating with high-dose cytarabine and methotrexate in mantle-cell lymphoma
Pregnancy outcomes in von Willebrand disease

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