Haematology Research Review, Issue 98

In this issue:

Thromboembolic events and mortality with intravenous tranexamic acid
Iron preparations for women with iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy
Post-transplant cyclophosphamide in HLA-mismatched unrelated donor bone-marrow HCT
Adjudication of acute GVHD diagnoses
Belumosudil (ROCK2 inhibitor) for chronic GVHD
Allogeneic HCT with nonmyeloablative conditioning for haematological malignancies
Characteristics and outcomes of PNH patients in Turkey
Bosutinib vs. imatinib for new CML in Asian BFORE trial participants
Incidence and severity of acute hereditary TTP episodes
Venetoclax + azacitidinee/decitabine in blast-phase MPNs

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