Hodgkin Lymphoma Research Review, Issue 10

In this issue:

Gonadal function recovery in advanced HL treated with a PET-adapted regimen
Pembrolizumab + GVD, second-line for relapsed/refractory cHL
CV disease risk following PET-directed chemo-RT for early-stage HL
BV + bendamustine in relapsed/ refractory cHL
BV monotherapy in relapsed/refractory HL
PET-guided escBEACOPP in advanced-stage HL
BV + chemotherapy for stage III–IV cHL
RT to bulky sites of ABVD-treated advanced HL
Pretherapy MTV and response to CD30 CAR T-cells in HL
QOL analysis of pembrolizumab vs BV for relapsed/refractory cHL

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