Blood 2019 Conference Review - focus on MM, reviewed by A/Prof Philip Campbell

In this review:

A response adaptive strategy with KTd for MM failing front-line bortezomib
Kd in lenalidomide-exposed and refractory MM patients
KappaMab alone and with lenalidomide/ dexamethasone in kappa-restricted RRMM
CASTOR shows D-Vd efficacy is maintained at 2 years
Real-world treatment patterns in RRMM in Australia
Mutational patterns and high spatial heterogeneity revealed by liquid biopsy
Plasma-specific mutational load corresponds to disease progression in MM
Worse prognosis for Pacific Islanders with MM
No difference in survival for rural versus metropolitan patients in Western Australia
Preclinical study of combination panobinostat and tegavivint shows anti-myeloma activity

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