Multiple Myeloma Research Review, Issue 17

In this issue:

ASCT in older adults with MM
Levofloxacin prophylaxis reduces infections and death in NDMM
KEYNOTE-183 shows no benefit to the addition of pembrolizumab to standard therapy in RRMM
Clinical outcomes not improved with pembrolizumab in NDMM in KEYNOTE-185 trial
Outcomes of patients with MM refractory to CD38-targeted mAb therapy
Dual CAR-T cell combination therapy shows promise for RRMM
Nelfinavir for rescue of lenalidomide-refractory MM
PomDex with additional cyclophosphamide for RRMM in Asia
Single nucleotide polymorphisms of the CRMB gene predict AEs to thalidomide
Synergistic plasma cell death is achieved using a combination of HDAC and MEK or BCL-2 inhibitor

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