Multiple Myeloma Research Review, Issue 23

In this issue:

Are autologous stem cell transplants still required to treat myeloma in the era of novel therapies?
Low rates of serious bacterial infection seen in the first 12 weeks of bortezomib-based induction therapy
DCEP and BP as salvage therapy for quad- and penta-refractory MM
The CONUT score predicts survival in MM
Lenalidomide-based therapy in patients with NDMM
The timing of plerixafor administration impacts immunological recovery post-ASCT
Marrow-infiltrating regulatory T cells correlate with inferior survival in NDMM
Ruxolitinib overcomes lenalidomide resistance in myeloma
Validation of the UK myeloma research alliance risk profile
Limited efficacy for the antibody-drug conjugate ABBV-838 in MM

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