Multiple Myeloma Research Review, Issue 28

In this issue:

Carfilzomib-based regimens confer benefit in frail patients with RRMM
Carfilzomib-associated renal toxicity is common and unpredictable
Protease inhibitor-induced thrombotic microangiopathy in patients with MM
The IMWG defines a new risk assessment model for smoldering myeloma patients
Post-treatment FDG uptake according to Deauville criteria may define a complete metabolic response
Response improvement after first ASCT predicts benefit from tandem transplantation
Survival in patients who relapse after alloHCT
Results from BOSTON show a clinical benefit to a selinexor-containing regimen in RRMM
MYC rearrangements may be an adverse prognostic factor in NDMM
Intermittent dosing of a dual RAF/MEK inhibitor in RAS/RAF-mutant solid tumours and MM

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