Multiple Myeloma Research Review, Issue 35

In this issue:

Analysis of Myeloma XI shows that early relapse after transplant is prognostic for dismal survival
Ultra-high-risk population with early death after transplant characterised
Second allogeneic transplants for MM
CASTOR: daratumumab-based triplet maintains QoL in RR disease
There is a substantial financial burden associated with MM in the US
Triplet regimens containing mAbs the most efficacious for lenalidomide-refractory disease
Post-transplant PET/CT imaging is prognostic for clinical outcomes in MM
Older age and BJP-subtype disease increase risk for lenalidomide-associated rash
Genotyping may enable prediction of response to isatuximab
Linsitinib as part of combination regimen for relapsed/refractory MM

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