Thrombosis & Haemostasis Research Review, Issue 14

In this issue:

Hospitalised COVID-19 patients should receive early prophylactic anticoagulation
Antibody-induced procoagulant platelets in severe COVID-19 infection
Combining FVIII with VWF fragment enables subcutaneous administration
PEA assay allows accurate HIT diagnosis without radioactivity
Triplet regimen including caplacizumab prevents unfavourable outcomes in immune-mediated TTP
Cost effectiveness of caplacizumab in acquired TTP
Subsegmental pulmonary embolism in cancer patients
Real-world data shows more favourable safety with NOACs over VKA in AF
Guidelines for management of coagulopathy following tisagenlecleucel therapy
Apixaban safer than LMWH or warfarin in VTE patients with active cancer
No relationship between DOAC concentrations and obesity

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