Hepatitis Research Review, Issue 59

In this issue:

Tenofovir may be superior to entecavir for reduction of HCC risk in patients with HBV
Tenofovir more efficacious than entecavir for preventing HBV-related HCC recurrence after resection
HBV-associated HCC is mediated by m6 A modifications of host PTEN mRNA
Can HCV act as a helper virus to assist in HDV propagation?
Transmission of rat hepatitis E virus infection to humans in Hong Kong
A woodchuck model of chronic HBV infection shows antiviral efficacy for GS-9688
Adaptive natural killer cell functional recovery in HCV cured patients
Dicoumarol blocks cccDNA transcription
Increased non-liver-related deaths in HIV/HCV-coinfected compared to HCV-monoinfected patients

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