ESMO 2016 Conference Review - focus on GI Cancer

In this Review:

Gemcitabine- vs capecitabine-based CRT for locally advanced pancreatic cancer
Biomarker analyses in patients with advanced gastric cancer
Adjuvant CRT or perioperative chemotherapy in gastric cancer?
Outcomes in microsatellite instable metastatic colorectal cancer
Response and prognosis in mCRC with deficient mismatch repair
Circulating tumor DNA RAS mutational analysis for mCRC
Encorafenib and cetuximab ± alpelisib in advanced BRAF-mutant CRC
Does chemotherapy-induced neutropenia improve OS with TAS-102 therapy in mCRC?
Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio and disease-free survival in CRC
A tailored strategy for locally-advanced rectal carcinoma

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