Genitourinary Cancer Research Review, Issue 10

In this issue:

Treatment-specific COXEN score not prognostic for response in localised bladder cancer
IAC plus IVC as efficacious as BCG immunotherapy but less toxic for NMIBC
Salvage lenvatinib ± everolimus has clinical activity in relapsed metastatic RCC
Adjuvant EPx4 standard of care for good-risk advanced germ cell tumours
Is miR-371a-3p a biomarker for relapse in testicular cancer?
ctDNA guiding adjuvant immunotherapy in urothelial carcinoma
AR-V7 a negative prognostic factor for response to ADT in prostate cancer
Only patients with pure urothelial bladder cancer derive a benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy
Elderly patients with metastatic RCC derive the same benefit from ICI as younger patients
Older patients with metastatic RCC more prone to toxicity from ICI or TKI therapy

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