Lung Cancer Research Review, Issue 26

In this issue:

Cisplatin-based doublets as front-line in elderly NSCLC patients
Ado-trastuzumab emtansine active in HER2-mutant lung cancers
The promise of KRAS in lung cancer
Patterns of resistance in ROS1+/ALK+ NSCLC
Novel EGFR secondary mutations in osimertinib resistance
Developing immune-related pathological response criteria
Crizotinib in ROS1-rearranged NSCLC
Pembrolizumab for PD-(L)1-expressing advanced/metastatic NSCLC
Nivolumab + ipilimumab in NSCLC; validation of TMB as a biomarker
Use steroids with care when initiating PD-(L)1 blockade

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