Lung Cancer Research Review, Issue 40

In this issue:

Rivaroxaban vs. dalteparin for longterm VTE treatment in lung cancer
Serum antibodies to NY-ESO-1 and XAGE1 antigens as predictors of responses to anti-PD-1 in NSCLC
Nivolumab for advanced NSCLC, including elderly and poor performance status
Suppressed immune microenvironment and repertoire in NSCLC brain metastases
NGS distinguishes primary lung carcinomas from intrapulmonary metastases
Third-line and beyond rovalpituzumab tesirine in DLL3-expressing, relapsed/refractory SCLC
NSCLC with nonresistant uncommon EGFR mutations
Prognostic value of anti-TERT CD4+ Th1 immunity and exhausted PD-1+/TIM-3+ T-cells in lung cancer
Alterations in tumoural PD-L1 expression and stromal CD8+ TILS after CRT for NSCLC
Metformin plus TKI in EGFR-mutated lung adenocarcinoma

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