Melanoma Research Review, Issue 44

In this issue:

TLPLDC vaccine to prevent recurrence in high-risk melanoma
Palbociclib + vemurafenib in BRAFV600MUT metastatic melanoma
Clinical characteristics and therapy response in unresectable stage IIIB-IIID melanoma with in-transit and satellite metastases
Intratumour microbiome associated with the infiltration of cytotoxic CD8+ T cells and survival in cutaneous melanoma
Genetic mutations related to invasion and metastasis of AM
Noninvasive imaging techniques for melanoma diagnosis
Development of a mUM prognostic score for use in patients receiving ICI
Role of local therapy in the treatment of solitary melanoma progression on ICI
Phenotype, specificity and avidity of antitumour CD8+ T cells in melanoma
T-cell therapy after short-term BRAF-inhibitor priming in checkpoint inhibitor-resistant metastatic melanoma

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