ANZGOG 2017 Conference Review - A/Prof Alison Brand

In this review:

Response and Resistance to PARPi: Beyond BRCA1/2
Exploring the Genomic Landscape of Mucinous Ovarian Tumours
A Framework for Personalised Approaches to Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinomas: Challenges and opportunities
Immunotherapy - Promise, Potential and Pitfalls
Reducing the Cervical Cancer Burden in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women
Leading the Cervical Cancer Prevention Revolution: Australia’s new Cervical Screening Approach in the HPV vaccine eras
Lifestyle, Side-effects and Chemotherapy Completion; Results from the Ovarian Cancer Prognosis and Lifestyle (OPAL) Study
Gene Expression Molecular Subtypes in Ovarian Cancer: the next stop for precision medicine?
Introducing Molecular Prognostic Factors for Endometrial Cancer into Clinical Practice-PORTEC4a
Practical guidance on the use of OLAPARIB in women with Platinum- Sensitive Relapsed BRCA-mutated HGSOC

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