ESMO 2020 Conference Review - focus on Ovarian Cancer

In this review:

IMagyn050 fails to confirm a benefit to the addition of atezolizumab to a bevacizumabbased regimen in EOC
Mature ICON8 results confirm no advantage to weekly dosing versus three-weekly chemotherapy for EOC
Olaparib maintenance confers a substantial clinical benefit in newly diagnosed, advanced, BRAC-mutated OC
MEDIOLA shows a benefit to olaparib/ durvalumab/bevacizumab in relapsed non BRAC-mutated OC
Subsequent chemotherapy for patients with BRCA1/2-mutated OC progressing on olaparib
RETOLA confirms the real-world efficacy of olaparib maintenance for BRCA-mutated relapsed EOC
Efficacy of platinum-based chemotherapy in platinum-resistant OC
Gemcitabine, cisplatin and bevacizumab for first recurrent and refractory ovarian clear-cell carcinoma

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