ESMO 2019 Conference Review - focus on Prostate Cancer, reviewed by Dr Laurence Krieger

In this review:

Long-term data from apalutamidetreated nmCRPC patients
Long-term data from docetaxeltreated hormone-naïve patients
Adjuvant vs salvage radiotherapy for treatment of localised prostate cancer
Rucaparib treatment of DNA damage repair-deficient mCRPC
Niraparib for the treatment of DNA-repair deficient mCRPC
Targeted treatment of recombination repair-deficient mCRPC with olaparib
Therapies for the treatment of CDK12-altered prostate cancer
Docetaxel for the treatment of non-metastatic patients
Cabazitaxel treatment in mCRPC patients treated with docetaxel ADT
Enzalutamide plus ADT in men with metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer

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