ASCO GU 2020 Conference Review, reviewed by Associate Professor Andrew Weickhardt

In this review:

Metastasis-directed therapy for oligometastatic prostate cancer recurrence
Docetaxel in luminal B subtype metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer
QoL with docetaxel or abiraterone for newly diagnosed, metastatic prostate cancer
Cabozantinib + atezolizumab for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer
Enfortumab vedotin + pembrolizumab for urothelial carcinoma
HIF-2 α inhibitor for advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Nivolumab plus stereotactic body radiotherapy for mRCC
Nivolumab + ipilimumab for advanced RCC
De-escalating chemotherapy in low-volume metastatic seminoma
Nivolumab, gemcitabine, and cisplatin in MIBC undergoing cystectomy

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