Skin Cancer Research Review, Issue 4

In this issue:

Impact of pituitary immune-related adverse events on survival in patients with melanoma
Survival of stage III melanoma is more favourable according to AJCCv8 compared to independent cohorts
Stereotactic radiosurgery combined with anti-PD-1 is efficacious for melanoma brain metastases
Biopsy outperforms reflectance confocal microscopy in diagnosing and subtyping BCC
Prognostic factors, treatment, and survival in cutaneous pleomorphic sarcoma
Functional status is prognostic for survival in patients ≥85 years old who have keratinocyte carcinoma
Combined treatment with curettage and imiquimod is inferior to surgical excision for nodular BCC
Low serum vitamin D levels in melanoma patients correlates with thicker tumours and increased mortality
The SPEAK program provides patient-centered management of actinic keratosis
Intralesional methotrexate for the treatment of advanced keratinocytic tumours

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