ERA-EDTA 2018 Conference Review, reviewed by Associate Professor Nigel Toussaint

In this review: Warfarin in ESKD and atrial fibrillation Magnesium and risk of fatal MI in HD patients Effect of nicotinamide & lanthanum carbonate on phosphate & FGF-23 levels in CKD Does allopurinol reduce left ventricular mass in HD patients? Genetics vs environment: associations between BMI & CKD Preeclampsia & the risk of renal disease Risks for technique failure within 1 year of PD A core outcome set for trials in HD Interventions to reduce harm associated with acute kidney injury 24h ABPM vs office BP in renal transplant patients Plasma exchange in patients with severe ANCA-associated vasculitis Abatacept in patients with active lupus nephritis Is lanreotide renoprotective in later stage ADPKD? Ferric citrate in patients with advanced CKD

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