ERA-EDTA 2019 Conference Review, reviewed by Paul J. Champion de Crespigny

In this review:

Sleep-disordered breathing: a pervasive problem in CKD
Intradialytic hypoxia
Chronic interstitial nephritis of unknown aetiology: a toxic tubular nephropathy
Outcomes of SGLT-2 inhibitors in diabetic kidney disease
Knowns and unknowns of SGLT-2 inhibition in CKD
The clinical landscape of managing CKD
Renal outcomes with linagliptin for nephrotic range proteinuria
Pregnancy outcomes in aHUS: impact of eculizumab exposure
When to start dialysis
Hyperkalaemia risk: is there a sweet spot for potassium binding?
Precision of frailty and sarcopenia definitions in chronic diseases

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