Obesity Research Review, Issue 2

In this issue:

Association of preoperative BMI and weight loss with mortality after bariatric surgery
Maternal prepregnancy BMI and anthropometric parameters, BP and retinal microvasculature in children
Effect of intensive lifestyle intervention on bodyweight and glycaemia in early type 2 diabetes
Intrahepatic fat, irrespective of ethnicity, is associated with reduced endogenous insulin clearance and hepatic insulin resistance in obese youths
Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of herbal medicines for weight loss
Obesity and its implications for COVID-19 mortality
Mitigating effect of phentermine and topiramate on weight regain after gastric bypass surgery
Effects of dapagliflozin on epicardial fat thickness in patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity
Liraglutide improves memory in obese patients with prediabetes or early type 2 diabetes
Long-term effects of testosterone therapy in hypogonadal men with normal weight, overweight and obesity

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