ERS 2015 Conference Review - focus on Asthma, reviewed by Dr. Mark Benzimra

In this Review:

Bronchial wall thickness assessed by OCT pre- and post-BT
Reslizumab in late-onset asthma with elevated eosinophils
Influence of age on asthma diagnosis delays
Oral corticosteroid and haemostasis/inflammation in stable asthma
Tiotropium in moderate asthma, by baseline LTRA use
Sputum handprint of severe asthma
Treating OSA/hypopnea syndrome in poorly controlled bronchial asthma
12-year prognosis of adult-onset asthma
Drug gas + vapour via a novel portable device: a new class of bronchodilator
BT vs. omalizumab for severe uncontrolled asthma

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