Psoriatic Arthritis Research Review, Issue 8

In this issue:

Low risk of severe COVID-19-related outcomes in patients with IJD
DISCOVERY-1/2: Guselkumab reduces fatigue independently of symptom improvement
Ixekizumab continuation is necessary even in patients who achieve stable MDA
IL-17 antagonists do not increase the risk for IBD when underlying disease severity is considered
Risk for lower limb joint arthroplasty not mitigated by DMARDs or TNF antagonists
OPAL trials: tofacitinib rapidly elicits significant reductions in pain
Ultrasound valuable for assessment of PsA patients with fibromyalgia
Using biologics to treat psoriasis may protect against PsA development
Health related QoL impacted by comorbidities including obesity
Non-pharmacological interventions may be efficacious for sleep disturbances

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