AAN 2021 Conference Review focus on Multiple Sclerosis

In this review:

Impact of different DMTs on COVID-19 severity
Long-term eculizumab in patients with AQP4+ NMOSD
Risk of PML with natalizumab EID vs every-4-week dosing
Positive predictive value of AQP4-IgG live cell-based assay
Antibody and T-cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 in MS patients taking ocrelizumab
Delay from treatment start to full effect of immunotherapies for MS
Association of sNfL levels with clinico-radiological characteristics in MS patients
Efficacy and safety of tolebrutinib in patients with highly-active relapsing MS
Impact of anomalously warm weather on MS-related acute care visits
Five distinct cognitive phenotypes in MS patient

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