Multiple Sclerosis Research Review, Issue 27

In this issue:

Genome sequencing uncovers phenocopies in PPMS
Association of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy lesion volume with JC virus PCR results in
cerebrospinal fluid of natalizumabtreated patients with MS
Abortion induces reactivation of inflammation in RRMS
Assessing the role of innovative therapeutic paradigm on MS treatment response
Association between MS and the reactivation of human endogenous retrovirus infections
Coexisting narcolepsy and MS
Safety of methylprednisolone therapy during breastfeeding in patients with MS
Clinical relevance of anti-drug antibodies to rituximab in MS
Paediatric-onset MS patients are at higher risk of cognitive impairment
Progressive motor impairment from a critically located lesion in restricted CNS-demyelinating disease

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