Multiple Sclerosis Research Review, Issue 41

In this issue:

Onset of MRI efficacy of ocrelizumab in RMS
Serum NfL in presymptomatic MS
Risk of natalizumab-associated PML in MS is reduced with extended interval dosing
Teriflunomide’s effect on humoral response to EBV and cortical gray matter pathology in MS
Discontinuation of DMT for RRMS: Effect on clinical and MRI outcomes
Illegal cannabis use among Danes with MS
Outcomes after fingolimod to alemtuzumab treatment shift in RRMS
A case of PML under DMF treatment without severe lymphopenia or immunosenescence
Reliability of self-reported walking distance for EDSS scores in MS
ADLs are more valuable than classical neurological examination to assess upper extremity function in MS

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