Stroke Research Review, Issue 24

In this Issue:

Recurrent stroke in symptomatic carotid stenosis awaiting revascularisation
Intracerebral haemorrhage related to NOACs
Incidence, outcome, and spatial distribution of stroke patients in Ludhiana, India
ICMs after cryptogenic stroke and AF detection
Prognostic value of TTE in patients with acute stroke and AF
Safety of intra-arterial treatment in acute ischaemic stroke patients on oral anticoagulants
SBI and risk of future stroke
Endovascular thrombectomy vs best medical treatment for acute ischaemic stroke
Time to reperfusion and treatment effect for acute ischaemic stroke
Cerebral white matter lesions in ischaemic stroke patients and time spent at home and early institutionalisation
Intracranial collaterals and clinical outcomes in acute stroke

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