RANZCO 2018 Conference Review - reviewed by A/Prof. Tim Roberts

In this review:

Patient preferences for a glaucoma service
Genetic pathways underlying IOP and glaucoma
A polygenic risk score predicts glaucoma risk
Clinic utility of polygenic risk score in early glaucoma
Non-ocular vascular dysfunction in POAG
Collaborative care for low-risk glaucoma patients
Changes in Australian glaucoma management from 2003 to 2017
Sustained pressure-lowering effects of phaco-ECP
IOP sensors will change future ophthalmology practice
New MIGS devices: what exactly is their role?
The Hydrus Microstent effectively lowers IOP and medication use
A single Hydrus Microstent vs 2 iStents in OAG
Ab-interno gel implant insertion for refractory glaucoma
Real-world data on standalone use of the Hydrus Microstent

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