Speaker Series - Steroids and inflammation: the management of diabetic macular edema

In this review:

Inflammation and macular edema
Is suppressing VEGF Alone in DME the entire story for management?
MEAD: Phase III data and sub-analyses for Ozurdex in DME
The BEVORDEX study
How do we define non-response to Rx? Is there enough evidence?
Management of DME: Trial results and real life experience
Management of DME in 2016
IOP management of DME patients: Practical vs clinical implications
Modern management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes
OCT angiography: Role in DR
Case studies in DME
ARIA medical education programme
Ozurdex PBS listing and Australian Consensus Algorithm
Genetics and DME: Are there different or common phenotypes?
IR and other lasers: New developments in laser treatments
“DiMECAT” steroid study
Australian Phase IV Study (AUSSIEDEX)

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